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Minimal invasive Hernia surgery

Minimal invasive Hernia surgery

A hernia is needed to be repaired when it becomes extremely painful. When left untreated, hernia may result in serious complications. Many hernias surgeries are still repaired using open surgery, though minimally-invasive hernia surgery may be appropriate in coming times especially in typical cases.

In a minimally-invasive hernia surgery, a device called laparoscope is used for assistance. A laparoscope is a thin tube with a tiny camera attached at the tip. This camera helps to guide the surgeons do their work as they can view the images on an attached monitor.

The goal of the minimal invasive technique is faster recovery and lower risk as the technique involves small scars and cause less pain than open hernia surgeries.

Benefits of Minimal invasive Hernia surgery

  • Less risk involved
  • Cause less pain than
  • Heals faster
  • Better and faster recovery
  • Less scars
  • Allows operating both hernia conditions at same time

Minimal invasive Hernia surgery procedure

 The procedure may start way ahead with proper diagnosis of the condition. The patient must reveal all the health conditions and current medications.

Anesthesia is administered to the patient before starting the surgery. The abdomen is inflated with gas, carbon dioxide, so that space is created for the procedure. Small cuts are then made on the skin of the abdomen. The laparoscope is then passed through these incisions in the abdominal wall. By monitoring the proceedings, the laparoscope is guided during the operation by looking into the monitor. After the repair is completed, the laparoscope is removed and the small incisions are stitched back.

The recovery time after the Minimal invasive Hernia surgery procedure is rather short. The recovery from a ventral hernia repair takes longer than recovery from an inguinal hernia repair. The recovery time also depends upon the type of the surgery along with the patients overall health conditions.

After the discharge medications for wound healing, pain along with other medication is advice by the doctors. Precautions regarding general day to day activities like walking, lifting heavy objects are also to be done with care.